Hulu Now has Closed Caption Searching

Published Monday, December 21, 2009 11:04 AM



Have you ever remembered a line from a TV show or movie but couldn't remember where it was from?Hulu now allows you to search through the closed captions of TV shows and Movies for the specific clip where the line is said. You can search through all show's closed captions or just the video you are currently watching.

To search for a specific line in the video you are watching all you have to do is pull up the video and click on the Caption tab below the video. A search box will appear and you can type in your search. The search results will show you the line where your search word was said as well as a thumbnail from that scene. If you hover over the thumbnail it will play the clip from the show where your search term  appears. Hulu has also included a “Heat Map” that shows the clips timeline where your search term appears in the show and how popular that section of the show is.

This functionality is not a new concept. In fact I wrote a post about Anyclip a website that will show you where a line appears in just about any movie. The website I believe is still in Beta but does a pretty good job finding where a particular quote was said and can show you the clip from the movie.

Checkout Hulu's new functionality and enjoy being able to find clips just that much easier.


VIA Lifehacker 

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