Apple's New Magic Mouse - Features and Outlook

Published Tuesday, October 20, 2009 2:46 PM

Apple just released a new mouse called the Magic Mouse and I have to say I am intrigued by it. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the Might Mouse. I think it's the worse mouse ever, and is not worth $60 it's not worth $6 even. The new Magic Mouse has a stupid name in my opinion sounds like a Leap frog accessor or something, but I have to say it looks cool and the features are pretty cool.

The Magic Mouse has a touch top that allows you to click normally and scroll just by moving your finger across the top of the mouse. You can even do a two finger scroll which can switch windows or photos and iPhoto. There is a right click in the top right on the mouse which never worked well on the Mighty Mouse. I hope they get the right click right in the Magic Mouse. I want the right click to work the first time not the second or third time I try it.

I am not holding my breath that this mouse is going to be that much better than the Might Mouse but lets hope it is. At least there is not a scroll ball to get gummed up and stop working.

Update October 21, 200912:32 PM

Okay so I read what some other people have said about the Magic Mouse and people are saying that it's a pretty good mouse. They say the left and right click works well and that the touch top is natural and works well. According to Gizmodo however the mouse is not as ergonomic as Logitech mouses tend to be. I can believe that and it seems it might do if your computer comes with a Magic Mouse but I wouldn't spend the $69.99 for it alone. It will be shipping form the Apple store in Late October as a individual accessory. 

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