Use Your Xbox 360 Controller like a Gamepad with your Mac

Published Monday, August 17, 2009 1:46 PM

The other day I was wondering if you could use an Xbox 360 controller with your Mac to play games like a gamepad. Well I thought perhaps the controller could be synced with the computer via Bluetooth. I then discovered that xbox controllers are not Bluetooth but a special RF controller.

So how do you use your xbox controller with your Mac? You have to have two things to make it work. You have to a wired xbox controller or a wireless controller with the Wireless Gaming Receiver sold by Microsoft.  You can find the Wireless Gaming Receiver for about $20 in some places but most have it from $30 – $40. At this point you could just buy a wired controller for $28 and use it as a backup for your xbox.

The second thing you need is the software that allows your computer to accept the input from that device. You can find a driver for that at this website (link)

You can also check out Gampad Companion that allows you use gampad including the xbox controller for games not designed for gamepads. (link)

There you go, you are off to the races. Enjoy using you Xbox controller as a gamepad on your Mac.

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