Xbox Live Update August 11th - The New Features

Published Wednesday, August 12, 2009 4:37 PM

So Xbox live just got an update care to know what they changed? Well let’s start with Netflix because it has all the changes I’m really excited.
Netflix got some really great additions in this Xbox live update. Among the changes is a new feature called Party Watch which allows you’re Xbox live party to watch a movie together. You can only watch supported titles, which is kind of lame if you ask me. Another feature that has been needed for a long time is an instant watch content browser. Before the update you couldn’t view titles not in your queue. So you had to go online with a computer and add movie to your queue and then access them from the Xbox. But now you can do all that right from the Xbox and it’s about time. They also improved the playback and the interface.


Xbox live has added some more features to the avatars. Allowing you to add props for your avatar to interact with. As well as an Avatar store where you can buy your favorite fashion labels to apply to your avatar.

Games on Demand

The new “Games on demand” is a section of the marketplace where you can buy and download Xbox 360 games. You can get recent 360 titles right from the live store. Before the update you could only download classic Xbox titles from the original Xbox console.  

General improvements

Some general improvements have been made such as a content rating system, which allows you to rate games and content. You can then sort content by it’s rating to see what games have become the most popular.  They have also made some improvements to the user interface and have made it easier to sort your friend’s list by Activity, Gamertag, or Online Status (default)

Coming Soon

According to Xbox they are planning on adding functionality for Facebook, Twitter,, and Zune Video in a fall update, which should be exciting to see.  

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