Why are Apple and AT&T Afraid of Google Voice

Published Monday, August 10, 2009 2:28 PM

Porting your Number to Google Voice!

Is porting your number to Google Voice what AT&T and Apple are worried about? I wrote a post recently discussing Apple rejecting and removing Google Voice applications from the App Store. Are they afraid that people are going to use Google Voice to place outgoing calls instead of their service? Is AT&T afraid people are going to Port their number over to Google Voice and use a VOIP line?

I was reading an article on techcrunch where the author was talking about how he ported his number to Google Voice and dropped AT&T. This allows him to keep his number that everyone already has and use whatever phone he wants from whichever carrier he wants. It takes the phone number out of the hands of the cell carriers.

You will also use fewer minutes when your one phone number calls all your numbers. How many times have you been at home when your cell phone rang? Do you not answer the call or do you answer but tell them to call you at home? No, you just answer and talk with them on your cell phone. If you had Google Voice you could avoid cell minutes by picking up your home phone instead of your cell phone. If cell carriers loose control of your number they loose control of how often you use your cell phone, and this could allow people to get cheaper minute plans with less minutes.

I have my Google number set to forward to my Skype account. With a computer or a Skype phone and an Internet connection I can get free calls to my cell number just by using Skype instead of the handset. When I am at home this works great and I save cell phone minutes in the process.

I think AT&T is afraid of loosing money due to the decrease of minutes used by their customers. If people use Google Voice they have the option of using other lines instead of their cell phone. This could cut into profits and hurt the company. 

What do you think?


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