How to get a Spotify account in the US

Published Thursday, August 6, 2009 2:52 PM

 Peer to Peer Online Music Streaming but 100% Legal


Spotify is an online peer to peer music streaming application that allows you to search for music and make playlists. You don’t download the music you just stream it over the Internet. Spotify boasts that it has over 3.8 million tracks in its library, which is pretty good, but is still a small number compared to iTunes’ 10 million. The best part about this application is it’s 100% legal because Spotify makes licensing deals with record companies before letting their music go live.

So the music isn’t really on your computer but you can still listen to any music they have in the system for free. You can access your playlists from anywhere using the Spotify application. You can’t put the songs onto a CD or an ipod but they have developed an iphone application that allows you to stream the songs over the 3g network.      

This is by far the best way to stream full music tracks over the Internet. It’s like having a fully stocked iTunes library to play at your leisure.

The Spotify application is available for download for Windows and Mac OS X as well as Lenux (using Wine). So you might be wondering if you live in the US why you haven’t hear of Spotify by now.  Well that is because it’s only available in the Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

Is there way around this? Well I’m glad you asked .  If you go to their site you can’t get a username because you have an US IP address. Well if you get a UK IP you can get an account and once you have an account you can use the application anywhere.  Here is what you do.

How to Get a Spotify account in the US

1. Go here : which is an online proxy service.

2. And enter into the box and hit go. Just keep closing the ads as they pop up. Since you now have a UK IP you can make an account just hit the “get started button” and make an account. You will be asked for a UK postal code use this one SW1A 0AA or any other one you wish. Once you fill out the forum and get the signup complete screen you can close the window.

3. Open a new tab not using the online proxy and go to and download the application. After installing the application at launch will ask for your login.  Just enter your username and password you created earlier.

That’s it your in for now who knows how long that trick will work.   

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