Replace Preview to view images with Justlooking or Xee - Mac OS X

Published Thursday, July 16, 2009 12:38 PM

Preview is the default program that opens almost all picture formats as well as PDF. There are some things about Preview that bug me. My major concern is that Preview doesn’t have any keyboard shortcuts to control functions. If you want to resize an image you have to click into the menu. I want to be able to hit a couple keystrokes and be at the window. I know that sounds dumb but to me it’s a big deal. 


With JustLooking you can use keyboard shortcuts to crop or resize images, which is a big plus for me. Another interesting feature of Justlooking is that it will allow you to view other images in the same folder as the one you opened. In preview you have to select and open the images to view them.

JustLooking is not the first app to try and replace Preview. The first app I have found that does this is Xee. Xee is a lightweight image viewer program that also allows the user to view images from the same folder as the current image. One of the features I didn’t like about Xee is that it opened images in different sizes depending on the size of the image. Some might see this as a plus but if you have large images the window gets huge and this can be annoying.

Anyways Preview is a great app but has some shortcomings and if you like there are other free applications out there that might better suit your needs.

JustLooking :


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