Google Voice – I can’t wait

Published Wednesday, July 15, 2009 1:16 PM

I can’t wait till Google voice comes out. I am super excited about this new free service that Google will be offering. In case you haven’t heard about the new Google voice I’ll tell you a little about it. Google voice is going to be a free online service where you will receive a phone number that has no connection to a location or device. You then connect all your numbers to it so that people can reach you at any number while only using the one Google number.

The neat thing about Google voice is that you can create contact groups and route their calls to a specific phone, or send them to voicemail. So you could send all your friends calls to your home phone and cell phone but leave out the office phone. You could have all your business contact routed to your mobile and office phone so you don’t get business calls at home.

One of the great things about Google voice is that it will allow you to listen to your voicemails on your computer or mobile. The voicemails can also be transcribed and sent to you in an email. This would be a very handy feature if you didn’t have time to listen to a voicemail or needed it in text form anyways.

Right now the only people that get to play with Google Voice are people who were customers of the phone service company Google bought to make Google voice. I am not sure if they have opened it up to more people yet but you can go here and request an invite when they do open it up.

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