How to make an iPhone Holder to Shoot Video

Published Friday, July 10, 2009 4:03 PM


So I have a video blog at and I post all my videos to Youtube from my iPhone. Well it gets tiresome having to hold the iphone out, away from me, when I’m trying to record a video. I use the iphone because I think it’s quicker than using a program to record a video and exporting it and then uploading it. It takes like 2 minutes to do it on the iphone. The instant video recorder on Youtube’s website never worked that well for me because the video seems to stutter sometimes so that isn’t an option for me.  

So my solution was to make an iPhone holder that hangs on my computer screen so I can record a video without me having to hold it. It also solves the problem of having a shaky video.

So I made it out of a wire coat hanger. I know it’s a little ghetto but it gets the job done. I wrapped it in plastic wrap to prevent the wire from scratching my computer, iphone, and computer screen. I chose plastic wrap over tape because tape can sometimes become sticky when wrapped around itself, and I didn’t want to get my iphone or computer sticky. Plastic wrap has a high melting point and will not melt even if you left it in the car. It also provides grip to the holder so the iphone won’t slide out.


You can use this on a computer screen, laptop screen, or anything else it could hang on. You can even put it on a table or desktop, you just need it close to your abdomen because it’s aimed too high. Or you could just make another one that would be designed to sit on a table and aimed a little lower.


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