New iPhone 3GS Review – What the iPhone 3GS has that the 3G does not

Published Wednesday, July 8, 2009 1:02 PM

The new iphone 3GS just came out a couple weeks ago and I have to say that it’s pretty awesome. The new iPhone 3GS is a lot faster than the old versions. It has a 3 Megapixel camera that also takes 640 X 480 video, which can be uploaded directly to Youtube from the phone. The shape is the same as the iPhone 3G so all your cases and accessories will work with the new iphone.  

I upgraded from the original iphone 2g. The first thing I noticed about the 3GS is that it is so much louder than the iPhone 2G. The first iphone was a lot quieter and you could hardly hear people on the phone or speakerphone. If you played movies or audio through the built in speakers you could never hear it that well. With the iPhone 3GS I find myself turning down the volume.  

I am super impressed with the speed of the new iphone 3GS. It is at least 2X as fast as the 3G. All the applications respond better and everything moves faster. It’s a lot snapper when you hit an application it opens fast and when you exit it snaps right back to the home screen.

Another great feature of the iPhone 3GS is the Bluetooth stereo capability, which you can ‘t do on the iPhone 2g. You can connect your Bluetooth headset and listen to your music right from your phone. Not to mention you can play audio from games through the headphones, which is nice.


On the 3GS and not on the 3G

Of course one of the features that separates the 3GS from the 3G is the camera. The camera is much improved and you can also take video as I mentioned earlier. The camera has a really cool focusing feature that allows you to select what you want the camera to focus on. The camera will automatically adjust the focus and exposure for that object. It also has a macro feature, which allows close up photos of object.  

The digital compass is another feature that the iphone 3GS has that the 3G does not. It doesn’t seem that useful to have a compass on your phone but it’s what the developers will be able to do with it that will be the exciting thing. One application of the compass would be for example a GPS application that will not only to tell you where you are but what direction you are facing.

Over all I think that 3GS is worth the upgrade. Even if you just upgraded to the 3G you should go ahead and upgrade again to the 3GS. All the iPhone versions have really good resale value. You can sell a 2G iphone on ebay for $100 – $150. You will make up most of your upgrade cost by selling your old iphone. So upgrade and enjoy the coolest phone in the world.

Here are some samples of the camera and video from the iPhone 3GS

This is a video that I shot on my iphone and uploaded directly to youtube from the phone. 


This is some sample photos taken with the iPhone 3GS click to enlarge to see full size.


This is a macro sample. 


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