Controlling your Camera and memory cards better in Mac OS X

Published Wednesday, July 8, 2009 3:43 PM

When you connect camera or a memory card to your Mac it will sometimes ask you what to do or sometimes it will open an application to handle the media. This of course gets really annoying if you didn’t want it to do that. There is a easy and simple way to control what happens when certain devices get connected to your computer.

When you use the program "Cameras" you can keep a list of your camera’s and memory cards and what to do when you connect them. You can choose to have iphoto open when you connect your iphone and aperture open when you connect your SLR camera for example. When you connect memory cards you can have the card revealed in finder for you to review. You can also have it download the contents of the folder automatically to a folder of your choice.

This is a great tool to keep your camera and applications under control when it comes time to download the files. This tool provides a easy way to control what happens when devices are connected and is much better than what is built into the Mac OS X.

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