iTunes gets Push Applications

Published Monday, June 29, 2009 10:40 AM

Ever since the iPhone 3.0 came out about 2 weeks ago, I have been waiting for applications to hit the iTunes store that take advantage of the new push notifications feature. For those who don’t know push notification allows your iphone applications to notify you when something has happened in their app since you left. If you are doing something else on your phone like watching a movie or surfing the web an application can let you know if you have a message or something else requires your attention.

The notifications will come to you in the form of an alert, that look similar to a text message, or a badge, which shows as a number next to the icon. You will only get the message if your phone’s screen is on. This means your phone will not be beeping and making noise in your pocket all day. Once you turn on the screen you will see your notifications that you have received.

This is a huge feature that will be great for so many reasons. One of the main applications that I am excited about is a multi client IM chat applications with the push notifications. You can log into all your accounts and get all your IMs right there on your phone. Now granted, you will only be able to see them if your phone’s screen is on but this is still a great way to stay connected. You no longer have to go into the application to see if anyone has messaged you. The application will keep you logged in at all times so people can send you messages whenever.

As far as I can tell there are only a couple apps that have IM chat with Push: AIM, Beejive, and IM+ push. AIM is only for AOL instant messenger so if you want other clients you will have to do either Beejive or IM+ Push. I chose Beejive and I think it works pretty well. The interface is really clean and easy to use which I love. There aren’t that many options however but it hasn’t bothered me much yet. I am looking forward to their updates and see what they can improve.

Keep a lookout for other push apps coming soon to the itunes store.

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