How to Run the Same Version of Office on Two Mac Computers on the Same Network at the Same Time

Published Wednesday, January 21, 2009 4:05 PM

If you have more than one Mac on the same network and you installed your version of Microsoft Office on both of them you might have noticed that you can't run them at the same time. The Office program has a little script that runs and checks for versions of itself on the network. This can be really frusterating for people who bought and paid for a full version of Office. Having said that I am not sure if loading it on two computers violates the license agreement but, I guess running them at the same times does.

So I found the solution not because I am a Mac geniuses but because someone else is a Mac geniuses. I found the solution on this website: link . He is the one that wrote the little script that takes care of out little Office problem.

So if you want to run the same version of Office on two computers at the same time on the same network this is how you do it.

1.    Open script editor and paste in this code:

  set theConfirmation to (do shell script ¬
  "/sbin/ipfw add 0 deny tcp from any to any 3464" password ¬
  "MyPassword" with administrator privileges)
  set theConfirmation to (do shell script ¬
  "/sbin/ipfw add 0 deny udp from any to any 2222" password ¬
  "MyPassword" with administrator privileges)
on error
end try

2.    Where it says MyPassword put your admin password, if you don't want your admin password in plain text in this file you can simply leave it like it is and when you run it the OS will ask you for it. You would do this for security reasons.

3.    go to file "save as." And save it as a script and check the run only button and name it something whatever you want.

4.    When you done with that all you have to do is run it by double clicking the icon. You can also have the script run itself by adding it to your login items in the preference menu.

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