Netflix Instant Watch Finally on Mac and Firefox

Published Thursday, December 4, 2008 5:18 PM

    Netflix has finally changed the plug-in for their instant watch feature to Microsoft’s SilverLight program which is kind of like flash but is designed to deliver streaming video much better that whatever they were using before. Now that Netflix is using SilverLight you can download the plug-in on your Mac and even play the videos in Firefox.

    Before this upgrade you had to use windows and internet explorer 7 only. That was the only option. I have a Mac so I had to run windows virtually just to be able to watch “instant watch” movies on my Mac. Well that’s all over now so yay for the new instant watch.

    Netflix has developed other ways that you can watch their “instant watch” movies. You can now buy either the Netflix Roku or other devices to instantly stream the movies to your TV. You can also use your Xbox to instantly stream your movies from Netflix.

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