Product Review - Lacie Hard drives

Published Thursday, September 11, 2008 11:21 AM




           Todays product review is going to be on Lacie hard drives. I have had one of the 250GB Lacie hard drives for a couple of years now. It is one of the best hard drives that I have ever owned. It is a firewire hard drive and I use it for backup of my imac. When it comes to hard drives you really get what you pay for. Lacie is not the most expensive hard drive brand
they are somewhere in the middle. I do think that they are one of best in performance and design.

Lacie's Line-up 

    They make all kinds of drives for different purposes. They have a mobile drives that are perfect for travailing. They are small and compact and they have rubber coding to make sure that you don't drop it too hard and hurt the disk. My father has one of these drives and they are great. The mobile ones don't have power supplies so they work off the computers power. Lacie has a line of hard drives that are made for your desktop as well. They are a little bigger but they have a great design and some of the models hold 1TB,1.5TB, or  2TB. They would be a great addition to a laptop or desktop. If you don't feel like opening the computer up trying to install an internal hard drive then Lacie is a great choice. Lacie of course has RAID configurations that are great of small businesses. So I think that Lacie has a hard drive for everyone and that they make a great product that lasts a long time and also looks good.
















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