Parallels glitch - why is my cd drive ejecting and then going back in on my mac?

Published Wednesday, September 10, 2008 5:16 PM

 I just had some fun trying to figure out why when I pushed the eject button on my Mac Pro the CD drive would pop out but it would go right back in. It turns out that if your running Parallels and you have the CD/DVD drive connected to the virtual parallels machine when you press the eject button I'm assuming that it gives the signal from both operating systems and it opens then closes on its own. To solve this all you have to do is open parallels in single window mode and click on the little cd icon at the bottom right of the screen. When the menu pops up select disconnect. This will make you CD drive disappear in your virtual environment, but when you eject the disk tray it will stay open. If you need to put a cd in so that the virtual environment can use it all you have to do is keep the drive disconnected eject the tray and put in your disk. Once the disk is in go to parallels and click on the cd icon again and connect the cd drive once again. If you have any problems let me know.



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