New iPod Nano New Colors and Features

Published Tuesday, September 9, 2008 5:57 PM

The New iPod Nano just came out today. They have a array of new colors and new features. They have 9 colors now and the design is much sleeker. They have a new curved design to them that makes the screen and the video look better. The screen is a 2" wide screen that has a pretty good picture and videos look sharp.


New Features

Musical Genius is a new feature that will select songs that will go well with each other and then makes a playlist of them. They installed an accelerometer into the new nanos so now you can not only view your albums in cover flow but now you can turn the nano in its side and look at photos and watch videos. Another feature of the new nano is that you can shake it and it will shuffle the music and play something else. Becuase of the new accelerometer that apple installed you can now play games on your nano. Games that allow you to control the game play by tilting and moving the nano itself.

Overall I think that the new features of the ipod nano are really great and it's good to see that they have gone back to the old style of the long and slender ipod nanos. It is also great to see that they are starting to integrate their accelerometers into the new nano. This is going to mean all kinds of things for this device once again putting more stuff between it and the rest of the MP3 Player market.

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