Software Review - Apple's Aperture

Published Monday, August 25, 2008 11:15 AM

 So I had no idea how awesome Apple's Aperture was for photo editing. I have Aperture 2.1.1 and I love it. I am very good with Photoshop and I can do all the essential things with aperture faster and more efficiently. They have a stacking feature that allows you to group and stack your photos so that you can organize them more efficiently. There is a ranking system that allows you to rank all of your photos which can also serve as a way of finding the shots that are the best. This Program is $199 and is worth very penny. Photoshop Cost about $650 for the full version. I believe that the upgrade is about $199. Well anyway I have been really impressed with its performance and its features. Not to mention that you can download many plug-ins for it so that you can do more with filters as well as upload your photos directly to facebook and other photo sharing type websites. To see the program in action heres a link to the Apple's website.




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