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Mind Control: Not just sci-fi anymore

By now I'm sure that most people have heard for the Florida resident that put a chip in his head that allows him to control all the computerized equipment in his home. The only problem with this is that, chips can be reprogrammed. With the right frequency wave his chip could be used as a means of radio tracking or even mind control. According to rumor, a women sat next to a man on a train who told her "See that guy over there" The man was referring to an African American lawyer on the Chicago subway. The man preceded to say "watch this" Just then the man pulled a device out of his jacket pocket and then pressed some buttons. The black lawyer then pulled a gun out of his pocket and then began to shoot people on the train. When the lawyer went to trial the best excuse he could give the judge was "I don't know what happened. I felt like I was not in control of myself" Of course many of us would think that he was attempting to get an insanity plea, but that was not the case. I know it sounds like a sci-fi movie but think of all the sci-fi technology that we know have available to us; touch screens, computerized houses, identification chips, artificial intelligence, and even robots. Believe what you will, but the ability to control technology with your mind creates a two way channel leaving your mind open to control by technology, and that is the real truth.

Published Aug 31 2006, 05:33 PM by archive
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