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Stalemate In Berlin .

  This story isn't brand new, so please excuse me ; it happened last month , and it's as fascinating as it is important .  The 123 members of the great 

Berlin Philharmonic met last month at an undisclosed location  to decide on a conductor to succeed  Sir Simon Rattle as chief conductor when he

steps down  in a few years to  be  the next prinicpal conductor the the London symphony orchestra .

    Unfortunately , the musicians were unable to agree on  the winning candidate annouced they will make their descision within  a year or less .  

  Critics  , commentators and classical music fans everywhere were sorely disappointed  .  There has been so much speculation  ; it's a lot  like

wondering who the next president of the   U.S. will be .  Everyone, or almost everone has a favored  conductor he or she would like to  see  lead

this  mighty ensembel with its  illustrious history dating back to 1882 when it was founded .  Previous chief conductors have included such  

podium giants as Claudio Abbado , who passed away only last year at the age of 80 ,  Herbert von Karajan and Wilhelm Furtwangler .  Virtually all

of the world's foremost conductors have appeared with the Berliners  over the years , and the orchestra has made an enormous number of 

recordings under its chief conductors and  guest conductors  for such prestigious record labels as Deutsche Grammophon , EMI ,  Philips,  and 

others .

    The Berlin Philharmonic is a self-governing institution ;  the members of the orchestra  choose their chief  conductors and guests  as well

as  winnders of  auditions for membership in the orchestra , although there is a general manager who  functions as an administrator .

    In most other orchestras , the chief conductor or music director  is chosen by the management  with the  input of the orchestra members ,

but the Berlins have  control over the whole process .  

    Meetings to choose a chief conductor have been compared to  Papal conclaves in Rome ;  last month , the musicians were required to

temporarily surrender their cell phones for the  vote .  

    But this time,  the musicians were unable to reach a majority vote , and  the decision had to be postponed .  The  renowned  Berlin born

conductor Christian Thielemann, currently  general  music director of the presitigious and historic  Saxon State opera in Dresden  and the 

presitigious  Dresden State orchestra, which fiuctions both as a concert orchestra and the opera house's orchestra ,  has been considered

to be the most likely candidate  by many, and he was a protege of the legendary Herbert von Karajan many years ago before he became 

world famous .  Other conductors who had been regular guests  have been  considered possibilities,  such as Latvian Mariss Jansons , who 

may be too old at 72  ,  Daniel Barenboim, the same age ,  and for many years general music director of the Berlin State opera , or younger 

ones such as Venezualan Gustavo Dudamel of the Los Angeles Philharmonic or  Latvian Andris Nelsons, recently installed as music director of 

the Boston symphony , but  Nelsons is unlikely to  give up Boston so soon  or  lead both orchestras simultaneously .   Now it's anyone's guess .

    Could a dark horse emerge ?  Who knows ?
Posted: Jun 08 2015, 11:20 PM by the horn | with no comments
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