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The Latest News About Classical Music - Interesting Times Indeed !

  The old Chinese saying  "May you live in interesting times "  can be interpreted as a curse or something  not so negative .  These are certainly  

interesting times for classical music .  The Chinese pictogram  for  the word  crisis  consists of  the words danger and opportunity .  

   A crisis could  bring  good news as well as disaster  .  So here are some of the most important  recent stories  from the  anything but staid and boring

world of classical music .

   The billionaire  media moghul  David Geffen , who is said to be a lover of classical music , has  just donated  millions of dollars  to

Avery Fisher hall, home of the New York Philharmonic  in Lincoln  center  , to subsidize   renovation  of the  acoutically troubled   concert

hall  in the hopes   of improving  its acoustics .  This is scheduled to begin in  2019 , and   will force   America'soldest  symphony

orchestra to seek  temporary change of venue for its concerts .  No one is certain about this, but   the neighboring   David H. Koch

theater , former home of the defunct  NewYork City opera has been  proposed .  

   This is always a   dicey  move .  When   what used to be called  hilharmonic hall  , now Avery Fisher hall, opened in   1972   when the late, 

great Leonard Bernstein was music director  ,  it was considered  by all to b e an acoustical disaster .  The late  billionaire  businessman  

Avery Fisher donated money for a renovation in the mid 1970s , and   while there was definite improvement, the hall is still   

considered   to be far from the equal of  those in  Boston , Vienna and Amsterdam  , which are renowned for the way they   make

orchestras sound magnificent  .

   A new concert   in Paris has just opened  a few months ago , and   according to reports , the acoustics are excellent .  Building new

concert halls is always  a  crap shoot ;  there is no way to predict how good the acoustics will be .  For every acoustical  success in

recent years ,  many  duds have  opened .  

    London has no fewer than five  full time orchestras  , unlike New York which has  only its Pilharmonic  and  various part time ones .

But there have  been many complaints that  London , one of the world's greatest centers of classical music , does not have a single  

concert hall with  superlative acoustics , and  there are plans to build  a new one  which  will aim  to remedy this situation .  

   The acoustics of Carnegie hall  , which had  been the home of the New York   Philharmonics until the opening of  Lincold center

in the early 1960s   are considered  world class .

   The   renowned  English conductor  Sir Simon Rattle has been appointed to   become the next chief conductor of the London symphony  

orchestra in 2017  when Valery Gergiev steps down and takes over the Munich Philharmonic .  Rattle has been chief conductor of the Berlin  

Philharmonic since  2002  and   no definite  successor in Berlin has been decided on yet .  He has expressed hopes for   a first rate

new hall for London , and his  considerable influence seems to have worked .  
Posted: Mar 05 2015, 09:59 PM by the horn | with no comments
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