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The Metropolitan Opera Has Just Announced Its 2015 -16 Season - There's Lots To Look Forward To !

  The Metropolitan Opera's 2015 - 16 season  will  offer its usual  varied  operatic fare with the world's greatest singers , conductors  , directors

and designers .  The overall repertoire looks somewhat more conservative than usual , with no new or recent operas , but it's far  from

uninteresting .  There is less emphasis on 20th century operanext season than in the past several years also .  

   The veteran and beloved James Levine remains the Met's music director despite severe back trouble and other ailments which have 

sidelined him  for the past several years .  But the good news is that his health seems to have   improved considerably, even if he  is forced

to   use a motorized wheelchai  in order to conduct .  

    There will be six new productions  and a variety of  other  productions , some new this season .  Verdi's great  Otello , based  on  

Shakespeare's Othello will be the first new production and will open the season this September 21 st .  Many consider this to be  one of

the greatest of  Italian operas , and it's   gripping adaption of the Shakespeare play .  The Latvian tenor  Alexanders Antnenko will  sing

the  title role , and the brilliant young  French -Canadian  conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin , currently music director of the Philadelphia 

orchestra , will conduct . 

   "Elektra" , a harrowing  tale of  the  vengeful  Greek   Greek princess Elektra , daughter of  King Agamemnon of Trojan war fame  , will be

a recent European-based  production by the late French opera director Patrick Chereau , and will be conducted by the renowned  

Finnish  conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, currently composer in residence at the New York Philharmonic .  The opera is not for the 

faint-hearted , but you'll never forget it !

   The 19th century French composer Georges Bizet is best known for his world famous opera   Carmen , but the Met is reviving  a much

less familiar opera of his after exactly 100 years !   It's "Les Pecheurs des Perles "  (The Pearl Fishers ), an exotic tale of love and rivalrly

set in what is now   Sri Lanka , formerly Ceylon .    Anyone who enjoys  Carmen should like this a lot .  

   "Roberto Devereaux " , by Gaetano Donizetti , is the completion of  the trilogy of  historical operas by the Italian composer

about Queen Elisabeth the first and her loves and rivalries .  The other two , which will also be in the Met repertoire next season ,

are "Anna Bolena" (Anne Boelyn) and "Maria Stuarda ", about Mary Stuart .  The late  ,great Beverly Sills gave acclaimed performances of

these  operas with the now unfortunately defunct New York City opera many years ago .    The operas play fast and loose with the  

historical facts but are so enjoyable  it doesn't matter .  

    Puccini's "Manon Lescaut  "  was   the composer's first  successful  opera , and is basically the same story  as the slightly earlier French 

opera by Jules Massenet called simply Manon .  It's the story of a naive young French girl from the provinces who meets a dashing but

impecunious young nobleman  while  on the way to a convent  and falls madly in love with him, with ultimately  fatal results .

Finally , there is a new production of the   strange and kinky opera "Lulu " by the Austrian composer  Alban Berg , a pupil of Schoenberg  .  

The music is 12-tone  but highly expressive . It's the bizarre story of an enigmatic young woman and Femme Fatale  wo marries  at least

three men in the course of the opera , each of whom dies in mysterious circumstances .  In the last act, which was left uncompleted

by Berg at his untimely death but fisished by another composer many years later from the sketches , Lulu has become a  prostitute

in London and is killed by none other than Jack the Ripper .  The opera is decadent fun  and qite approachable despite its atonality .

   Other  beoved operatic masterpieces in the repertoire next year will include Puccini's evergreen "La Boheme ",  the thundering  

melodrama "Tosca", and  the exotic "Turandot ", set in ancient China ,also by Puccini .  

   Verdi's  melodramatic "Il Trovatore ", hilariously pillaried by the Marx brother in the classic comedy "A Night at the Opera ",

and his sombre  tragedy  "Simon Boccanegra", set in medieval  Genoa  ,  will  return  .   Placido Domingo , ,who has lately been singing baritone

roles in his 70s , will portray the  doomed Doge of Genoa .

   Rossini;s  Scottish opera :La Donna Del Lago :(the lady of the lake)  which had its  Met premiere just last night , will return ,

as well as Donizetti's  charming bucolic   comedy "L'Elisir D'Amore " (The elixir of love ).

    Wagner's "Tannhauser " , the tale of  a medieval German troubador  caught between his chaste love of  a virtuous  young

noblewoman and the  wanton  erotic goddess Venus , who keeps a  lair in the German forest where she lures men , and goes off  

to Rome to seek forgivemess from the Pope, will  represent the German wing of the repertoire .  

    Even if you don't live anywhere near  New York city , you can still experience Met performances live  at movie theaters around the

country for much less than   a  good ticket would cost , as well as listen to the Saturday afternoon  radio broadcasts  which can be heard

all over America .  You can stream live performances on your computer, too  .  
   If you're planning to visit New York  and have  and have some free time ,  you can easily contact the Met's   website for information about tickets .  There are alos plenty of DVDs of Met performances  from the past available  .

   Attending a Met performance is a real treat !   There's absolutely nothing "stuffy or "elitist" about it .  You can dress casually  

and the audience   has no hoity-toity rich people dressed to the nines  attending for snobbish reasons .  The Met audience  is

made up of  people who are opera fans  who are just as passionate  about opera as sports fans are about their home team !

   And don't worry about foreign languages .  You'll find a device on the seat in front of you  with an English translation of the opera .

You can turn it off if you don't want it .  But I definitely recommend it if you're new to opera . 


Posted: Feb 18 2015, 10:59 PM by the horn | with no comments
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