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How To Destroy A Great Orchestra

  For nearly a year, the classical music world has been wringing its collective hands over the plight of the members of the Minnesota orchestra  of   Minneapolis , an orchestra with a long and illustrious history . Due to protracted  disagreements with  the orchestra's management over salary nd benefits etc , the musicians have been locked out by the intransigent  individuals  who run the orchestra , particularly its  general manager, who shall remain nameless here .

    It's almost time  for the beginning of the  orchestra's  2013-14 season , and no  way through  the impasse  is  in sight .  The orchestra's music director and chief conductor , the distinguished Finnish maestro Osmo Vanska , has threatened to resign if  the orchestra  does not settle the lockout in time for the new season, which includes  appearnces at Carnegie hall .  Thisw is a pity, because  the orchestra has been enjoying  international acclaim  under Vanska's leadership and had begun to make commercial studio recordings , incluidng an acclaimed set of all 9 Beethoven symphonies at a time when  very few orchestras  anywhere are making  commercil stuido recordings becuse of economic  difficulties . 

    Sessions to record   symphonies by Sibelius, a specialty of the maestro given his Finnish  nationality , have been cancelled . Several   musicians in the orchestra  have successfully auditioned for positions in other major U.S. orchestras .  The fate of one of America's finest orchestra is uncertin, an orchestra which had flourished under the dirrection of such eminent conductors as Dimitri Mitropoulos,  Antal Dorati,Stanislaw Skrowaczewski  and Edo DeWaart . 

    The orchestra has called  on the  government of  the state of Minnesota  for help , but no end to the  mess is in sight .  The musicians nd the management  are at each others throats , but  the management will not give in .  If you are a Minnesota resident, PLEASE contact  your  local representiatives and  the two Minnesota senators  and sk them to intervene . The fate of  one of America's finest orchestras is at stake .


Posted: Sep 11 2013, 11:34 PM by the horn | with no comments
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