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The Ultimate Form Of Operatic Booing ?

  Here's a curious story reported the other day by  controversial  music journalist Norman Lebrecht at his blog  "Slipped Disc" at During the last performance of Wagner's Ring  at the Bayreuth festival  , an elderly man  was found dead in his seat  duirng an intermission .  Things are never dull at the renowned  Wagner fesitval !  

    The intermission , which  was between the  second and final  act  of Gotterdmmerung, the  awesome climax of the Ring , had to be extended in order to remove the body . 

    This left me wondering .  The much anticipated  or rather feared  bicentennial Ring , which was  just about the most egregious travesty of the great  Ring cycle imaginable  ,  might have caused  the unfortunate fellow enough  emotional distress as to trigger his demise .  So he responded with a kind of silent  booing  , namely croaking !    What a way to register  your  disapproval !

     Wagner never imagined a production of the Ring his mighty and immortal Ring of the Nibelung  set in  America  at a sleazy motel , with his  Rhinemaidens  lounging  around a pool , nor did he epect  another part of it to be  set in  Baku ,republic of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus on the Caspian sea  , an oil rich Muslim  region ,  and  his Teutonic characters to be portrayed as  superrich  oil  tycoons !  

     No wonder the unfortunate fellow  died !    What a way to boo !

Posted: Aug 22 2013, 04:01 PM by the horn | with no comments
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