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The Classical CD Gremlin Strikes Again At My Local Library

   Something is fishy in the Westchester county,NY  public  library system , at least when it comes to classical CDs .  Recently , a CD I borrowed on their very convenient  library interloan  system  was badly scratched  and I could not  play  it through .  Some  moron seems to have damaged it badly .  It's not easy to  damage a  CD; as long as you keep your fingers off the surface  it should not give you any problems and will  play fine indefinitely . .

    And this is far from the first time  this has happened to me  with  classical  CDs I've borrowed , either from my local  library or on interloan .  What the heck is going on  here ?  You can see the damage right on the CDs .  The idiot, or idiots who do this , are very inventive .  One CD I borrowed had a purple splotch on it  !   Of course, I couldn't play it through all the way . 

    This may seem like a crazy idea , but  I  have a hunch that there's some  lunatic  in Westechester county who hates classical music so much that he borrows classical CDs  from libraries  in order to  deliberately scratch them !   He or she, is the classical CD gremlin .  No classical CD is safe from this  maniac !  

    It's enough to  make you  tear your hair out  and climb up the wall !   I guess if ypu borrow as many CDs as I do, it's inevitable that you'll occaisionally  get  a damaged CD .  But I wish this didn't happen so often !   But where is that damned  classical CD gremlin ?  If I ever get my hands on him  . . . .

Posted: Aug 12 2013, 09:03 PM by the horn | with no comments
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