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Rich And Varied Offerings At This Summer's Classical Music Festivals

  Classical music festivals all over Europe, America and elsewhere  are getting started now , and  the rich and varied offerings prove that Classical Music is very much  alive and kicking despite  the  gloom and doom reports and the  numerous orchestras and opera companies wordlwide which  have either folded or are at imminent risking of doing so . 

    There is classical music for all tastes . Old music , new music ,  beloved staples of the repertoire and  revivals of  long neglected but intriguing works of all kinds , operatic , orchestral , chamber music , you name it .  As usual , many of the world's foremost conductors , instrumentalists and opera singers  will be  there , as well as the world's greatest orchestras . 

    In every corner of Europe  and America .  In Europe ,  there are the grand ,venerable and long established  festivals  such as  those in Mozart's birthplace  Salzburg in Austria , the  Wagner festival at Bayreuth ,Germany , this year celelbrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Wagner ,  the opera festival  at the  elegant country estate in Glyndebourne ,  England ,  as well as  ones in such great Europeans cities as Vienna, Berlin, Munich , Amsterdam ,  Paris , Munich , Aix-En-Provence in the south of  France ,  Dresden ,  Moscow, St. Petersburg ,  Graz, Austria, and many other locations .

    In America , there are the great Tanglewood festival in  rural Massachusetts, longtime Summer home of the Boston symphony orchestra , the Aspen festival in Colorado ,  the Blossom festival in Ohio, Summer home of the Cleveland orchestra , the Ravinia festival outside of Chicago , Summer home of the Chicago symphony orchestra ,  the Hollwood bowl in Los Angeles  with its resident orchestra the Los Angeles Philharmonic ,  the Ojaj  festival of contemporary music in California ,  the Summer opera festival in Cincinnati ,  the opera Festival at Santa Fe New Mexico  with its unique  open air opera house , and many,many others .

    The annual festival at Bard college just north of New York city is the Summer home of Leon Botstein's  American symphony orchestra , and will present  the  U.S. premiere of  the obscure but great Russian opera "The Oresteia " by  Sergei Taneyev (1856-1915 ) ,part of it songoing series of  revivals of  important but long neglected operas , and the Glimmerglass opera festival in upstate New York will also present  interesting operatic rarities . 

     The ever popular Mostly Mozart  festival will  present  a wide variety of works by Mozart and his contemporaries with its festival orchestra made up of some of New York's finest freelance musicians .  For information , simply go to the websites of any of these  festivals  by googling them ,  and the New York Times also offers  listing of these events .  The Summer classical music festival scene is an embarassment of riches !

Posted: Jul 08 2013, 10:50 PM by the horn | with no comments
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