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So Much Interesting Obscure Music Out There - Where Do I Find The Time For It All?

   If you examine the CD collections of many people who enjoy classical music , you'll  tend to find plenty of music by Bach,Handel, Vivaldi ,Haydn,Mozart ,  Beethoven,  Schubert,Mendelssohn , Schumann , Tchaikovsky.,Brahms,  Berlioz,  Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg,  Mahler, Sibelius,  Debussy,Ravel,  Gershwin , Elgar, Stravinsky,Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and other  famous composers .  Possibly some other composers . 

    These are the composers who sell classical CDs .  But the sheer diversity of classical music avalable on CD today is  absolutely mind-boggling .  You can get the complete works of  virtually every composer who ever lived , ranging from  works written more than five hundred years ago to  recent works by living or recently deceased composers .  Composers  from every corner of Europe ,  ones from America ,Latin America , Canada ,  Asia  and elsewhere .  Symphonies, concertos , operas , chamber music, choral works, music for solo piano ,  art songs - you name it .  Composers hardly anyone, even the most experienced and knowledgeable listeners has ever heard of !   There's a surprisingly  wide variety of music by numerous women composers .

    So if you already have  a dozen or more sets of all nine Beethoven symphonies ,  dozens of  versions of  Vivaldi's Four Seasons,  Tchaikovsky's  1812 overture , the Nutcracker Suite ,  Puccini's La Boheme, Bizet's Carmen and other thrice familiar classical warhorses and are getting tired of the same old same old ,  there's an unbelievably wide variety of obscure but interesting music which you can easily get  at  and other similar websites . 

    Have you ever heard of these composers ? Chances are , no .  But their  music is very much available on CD , and so easy to  get .  In roughly alphabetical order : Kurt Atterberg, Franco Alfano , Havergal Brian,  Granville Bantock . Arthur Bliss ,  Woldemar Bargiel,  Amy Beach, Irwin Bazelon ,  Paul Ben Haim ,  Mily Balakirev, Boris Blacher ,  Tadeusz Baird , Grazyna Bacewicz , Jean Cras, Christian Canabich , Paul Creston, George Whitefield Chadwick ,  Alfredo Casella , Carlos Chavez, Cesar Cui , Ernst von Dohnanyi , Felix Draeseke ,  Hanns Eisler, Ferenc Erkel.  John Foulds ,Zdenek Fibich, Arthur Foote , Karl Goldmark , Alexander Gretchaninov , Antonio Carlos Gomes , Henry Hadley, Herbert Howells , Siegmund von Hausegger, Akira Ifukube,  Ludwig Irgens-Jensen ,John Ireland, Joseph Jongen , Armas Jarnefelt , Vassily Kallinikov ,  Unno Klami Joseph Martin Kraus , Rued Langgaard ,  Jon Leifs , Alberic Magnard ,  Nikolai Medtner, Nikolai Myaskovsky ,  Saverio Mercadante, Vitezslav Novak , Maurice Ohana ,  Joan Baptista Pla, Hans Pfitzner , Gabriel Pierne , Giovanni Paisielllo ,  Anton Rubinstein ,  Carl Reinecke , Knudaage Riisager ,Othmar Schoeck ,  Franz Schreker, Johan Svendsen , Sergei Taneyev,Ernst Toch, Eduard Tubin, Wilhelm Stenhammar ,  Sulkhan Tsintsadze , Rudolf Wagner-Regeny , Jan Dismas Zelenka etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg !

     These composers hail from such  diverse nations as  Germany, Austria , France , Italy,  Spain,  Sweden,Norway, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech republic , Russia ,  Mexico , Brazil , Isarel,  Iceland, Belgium ,  Finland ,Estonia,  the republic of Georgia , etc. 

    There is even music by  eminent conductors of the past who also composed , such as Wilhelm Furtwangler, Bruno Walter, George Szell, Victor De Sabata ,  Felix Weingartner , Antal Dorati , and others , sometimes in recordings led by the  conductors who  composed  these works .

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg !   Myself, I've collected so many obscure works that caught my interest when I heard about them  and saw them at Tower records when it  was still in existence .   In fact, my collection lacks many famous works,  not because I don't love them , but because  the  off-beat works were simply available .  Besides, I've heard those famous works countless times , and have spent  who knows how many hours rehearsing and performing them with so many different orchestras over the years .  You could never accuse me of havng an uninteresting classical CD collection  !

     The only problem is  how do  you  find the money , the time to listen ,  and the space to store  the CDs ?.  There's so much I really want to hear, and so little time .  If I had the money , the time and the space to store it all, I'd have a  Pentagon sized  collection !


Posted: Jun 17 2013, 10:16 PM by the horn | with no comments
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