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An Open Letter To Bill Gates Regarding Classical Music In America

  Dear Mr. Gates : You have achieved  great fame for your extraordinary generosity with your  enormous wealth  toward  charitable projects everywhere .  I would like to bring your attention to a cause  which is very close to my heart and that of many other Americans , namely, the plight  of  so many of America's outstanding symphony orchestras  and opera companies  in these difficult economic times for America .

    I have heard that you have  said that you have no desire to  contribute money to opera companies in America . I do not know why this is so, but  with all due respect , I  feel that  you are terribly misguided  to  think this way  ,  and I presume you also feel this way about our symphony orchestras ,  and feel that they are not deserving of your help .   I beg to  try to convince you how wrong you are .   

    I do not know if you enjoy classical music  and listen to it with any frequency  or have any knowledge of it or interest in it .  But  please be aware that the livelihoods  of so many  talented, dedicated and hard-working classical musicians  in America are threatened by  the difficult economy and the woefully inadequate  financial support they receive from both our government , philanthropies  and  corporations  are threatened by  this , and  many members of orchestras and opera companies have already lost their jobs  because of this, not  to mention  those who  work on administration , as well as  bitterly disappointed audiences all over America . 

    These are people with families to support .   Classical music is not a frivolous entertainment for wealthy people, but something which  should be  available to  anyone who  wishes to attend concerts and opera , and there are  so many of these in America .  Contrary to popular belief , it is in no way "elitist " .   It is something which brings joy , excitement  and  mental stimulation to countless peopel all over the world .  

     Our symphony orchestrras and opera  companies provide gainful employemt  to so many people in all 50 states .  And they are world-class  institutions  ,many of which are famous throughout the world, such as the Metropolitan opera,  the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago symphony, the Boston symphony, the Philadelphia orchestra,  Boston symphony , to    name only a handful . 

    Collectively, they rank with the greatest of America's national treasures  .  This nation cannot afford to lose  them, because no nation should allow its national treasures to  be lost or destroyed .  Please,  consider  providing financial help for those which  are struggling to  maintain their existence, or which have been  forced to  gp under . 

    The arts are NOT a frivolous thing .  They are a vital part of the life of any nation .  And remember - if America's symphony orchestras and opera companies can flourish , not to mention its  dance and drama companies   , they help the U.S. economy to flourish, too .  The arts are GOOD for America . Please do not forget this . 


      Thank you . Sincerely yours,  Robert  Berger , an advocate for the preservation and advancement of classical music in America .


Posted: Jan 31 2013, 11:23 PM by the horn | with no comments
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