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Once Again, The National Endowment For The Arts Is Threatened

  Mitt Romney recently declared that he wants to see the National Endowment For The Arts, and  other  government  agencies conservatives love to hate  abolished .  This is ominous news if he is elected this November .  The NEA  gets chicken feed from the government to  support the arts in general in America, and  abolishing it  is guaranteed to be bad news for the arts institutions which are most affected by lack of government support, our  symphony orchestras and opera companies . 

   As I've explained here before, it costs a lot of money to  support  world-class orchestras and opera companies .  They cannot survive purely on ticket sales, even if  their performances regularly sell out .  It's not their fault that they are having so much financial difficulty today .  They offer a world-class product , and  there is absolutley no reason for more people not to  attend  their performances .  Generous government support for classical music has been taken for granted for decades in Euope, but now even  their  classical music organizations are  threatened by loss of government support  due to economic problems there . But the situation is nowhere near as dire as in the USA.

   Furthermore,  there is only limited support for classical music in the private sector .  It would not be  a bad idea if the US government would allocate  more funds to keep our orchestras and opera companies alive .  It would not even come remotely close to the tax burden  caused by  the futile and disastrous war in Iraq  which  all of us taxpayers  have had to bear . The livelihoods of so many  talented, dedicated and hard-working  classical musicians  are  in jeopardy, not to mention  all those who work  on their administrative  staffs .

   Remember - if America's symphony orchestras, opera companies , dance and drama  groups flourish , they help the US economy to flourish too .  The arts create jobs -  potentially plenty of them .  And they stimulate businesses .  Don't be milsled by the claims of some conservatives that the arts are  "frivolous " and  not necessary for America .  That is a terribly foolish and wrong-headed idea . 

   So please, if you  are  reading this  post in America and are a citizen ,  contact your governor, your congressman ,  etc, and urge them not to allow the NEA to go under .  Encourage them to  support the arts in America .  This is NOT a trivial matter . 

Posted: Aug 22 2012, 11:19 PM by the horn | with no comments
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