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Some Of My Classical Pet Peeves

  Every has pet peeves , and here are some of mine regarding classical music :

   1. Critics , musicologists and fans who are always longing for the "golden age of classical music" and using this as an excuse to knock musicians of the present day they hapen they dislike .

2.  People who automatically prefer old recordings by legendary musicians of the past to recordings or live performances by today's classical musicians , and use those old recordings as sticks with which to bash them .

3. Musicologists and  performing musicians who claim to have found the one and only "right" way to perform any given work or the music of a particular composer . There is no such thing as one "right" way to perform music .

4. Music critics who instead of criticizing a performance or recording they dislike use their reviews as an excuse to take pot shots against the performers and make ad hominem attacks on them as musicians .

5.  The tendency of  carrying the use of period instruments  later and later in time, closer to the present day .

6.  Musicologogists, critics and performers who claim to "know" the composer's intentions , even with long dead composers .  The only way to know whther a performance  has actually done this is when the composer hears th eperforms and  states whether it satisfied him or not .

7.  Period instrument fanatics who automaticaly sneer at , belittle and dismiss any performance or recording which does not use them .

8. Composers and critics who are always complaining that  new music is neglected ,despite the fact that new works are constantly being premiered everywhere .

9 .  People who are always complaining that all orchestras today sound alike, despite the fact that it's impossible for orchestras to sound alike .

10.  Critics who are always complaining that today's pianists, violinists ,singers, conductors are much too literal and pedantic in interpretation and don't take enough  liberties with the music , yet are always blasting these musicians of today  for the liberties they take with it .

Posted: Mar 12 2012, 06:56 PM by the horn | with no comments
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