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I Don't Look Down On Them - I Pity Them !

  Many people who are not fans of classical music assume that if you  are, you must be a snob who looks down on those who don't share your rarified tastes .  This may be true in some cases , but as for me, I don't look down on people who know little or nothing about classical music and have never made it a part of their lives - I pity them !

  They just don't know what they're missing .  If they die without ever having heard the music of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner, Berlioz, Tchaikovsky and  the many other great composers , they will will never realize what they have been missing .  What a pity !   They will never have have gotten a chance to experience the sublime Mass in B Minor of Bach ,  and  never have experienced the thrill of  Beethoven's 9th .  They may have heard the famous melody of the Ode to Joy, but that is NOT the symphony itself, just a famous melody . 

   They will never enjoy the sensuous and atmospheric  La Mer(the sea), of Debussy ,  the  vivid evoacation of  the Arabian Nights of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherezade ,  or  the rambunctious humor of  "Till Eulenspiegel;s Merry Pranks" by Richard Strauss .  Or the majestic Cathedrals in sound  which are the symphonies of Bruckner,  the brooding  nordic nature painting in the music of Finland's  Jean Sibelius,  These are only a tiny handful of all the wonderful music  that's so easy to experience today, with the easy availability of classical CDs,DVDs, and  classical music on the internet .

  They will never  experience the thrill of a great night at the opera , with  great singers chewing the scenery  and singing their hearts out .  The  great operas of Mozart, Verdi, Wagner,  Richard Strauss,  Leos Janacek and others will remain a closed book to them .  As I've pointed out before , classical music is a feast ,  yet so many people are starving for great music .  What a shame .

Posted: Feb 15 2012, 06:20 PM by the horn | with no comments
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