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(Lack Of) Culture Wars

  If  the Republican Party takes the White House this November , it may be bad news for classical music in America , whether Romney or Gingrich is elected .  Republican politicians are stubbornly opposed ot government finding for the arts , and  our orchestras and opera ocmapnies are particularly vulnerable to this foolish and counterpriductive hostility . 

  The National Endowment For The Arts is something which so many conservatives want to se abolished, a government agency which is already pitifully underfunded .  If this happens, it could be catastrophic to  classical music in America . According to reports , Newt Gingrich is something of an opera fan , but  if either he or Romney is elected ,  they will definitely NOT want to do anything to increase funding for the arts in America . 

  Why are so many Americans so hostile or at best indifferent to  the arts ?  Don't they realize how beneficial they are to America , what a great source of jobs they are and how beneficial they are to the economy as a whole ?  The so-called culture wars  show what a lack of culture  they have .  People should not be ashamed of  "high culture" in America .  In fact,  the fact that there are so many world-class orchestras and opera companies in America is something that all  Americans should be proud of , not hostile or indifferent to. 

  No wonder Europeans look down on us  uncultured , philistine Americans .

Posted: Feb 06 2012, 05:31 PM by the horn | with no comments
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