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It's The Spirit , Not The Letter , That Counts In Performing Music

   Music critics and musicologists can be  frightfully pedantic people , holding performers up to impossibly
high standards of  musical  scholarship in performance .  The musicologists do  among other things,
painstaking research in  preparing the works of different composers  for publication , correcting  errors
that had crept into  many works  in publishing , doing research into what is called "performance practice "
or the way music was performed in the past etc .

   This is all well and good ,  and valuable .  But mere correctness is not enough .  The important thing is for
the performer to  BRING THE MUSIC TO LIFE .  Who cares if a musician  does not  follow all the latest
research into "the correct style" and use  the correct edition of the music  if  that individual is  able to 
communicate  the spirit of the music to the audience ?

   And would the composers themselves have been  as picky as the critics and scholars if they were still alive ?
Who  knows ?   Of course, there are still plenty of important composers who are very much alive . 
Most likely , they don't care if the performer observes every jot and tittle in the score  in a surgically correct
manner as long as they bring the music to life .   
Posted: Dec 31 2011, 11:11 AM by the horn | with no comments
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