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My Hopes For Classical Music In 2012 .

  With just one week until  the new year begins , here are some of  my hopes and wishes for  classical music]
in 2012 . 

  Help for these  orchestras and opera companies in America , Europe and elsewhere :

   The Philadelphia orchestra , Detroit symphony , Colorado symphony ,  Dallas symphony ,  Westchester
Philharmonic , Long Island Philharmonic , Queens symphony ,  and other  U.S. orchestras  to  hold their own
and stay alive .

The Honolulu symphony ,  New Mexico symphony ,Syracuse and  Utica symphony (of upstate New York),
the  Louisville orchestra of Kentucky to be successfully revived .   The successful revival of the Baltimore and Connecticut operas , and  Opera Boston , which has sadly, just gone under . 

   The New York City opera to  resolve its labor and financial  difficulties  and stay in business and possibly
return to Lincoln Center .  Help for the various opera companies in Italy which have  been  adversely
affected by  the economic woes of Italy . 

   For   maestro James levine's health to improve as  soon as possible and  for him to be able to return  to
conducting .   And  for other eminent conductors whose podium activities have been sidelined by 
health problems , such as Seiji Ozawa, Claudio Abbado  and others .

   For more people in America and all over the world to discover the joys of classical music and to make it a part of their lives .   Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to  all , and a happy new year !
Posted: Dec 24 2011, 11:43 AM by the horn | with no comments
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