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More On Wagner, The *** And Israel

   This morning I received an e mail from classical music blogger A. C. Douglas , who might be called the Andy
Rooney of classical music telling me that my story about how the *** played the music of Wagner constantly to the inmates of the concentration camps was a myth .  I don't know if this is the case , but it certainly sounds like something the *** might have done to torment them .

   A.C.'s blog frequently discusses  Wagner and  regularly excoriates  Eurotrash directors and stage designers for their  outrageous travesties of  Wagner's operas , and is always  thought-provoking  and stimulating even if you don't agree with him .

   Still , it's understandable that many Jews and even non-Jews are disturbed by Wagner's music because of all the baggage attached to it . Indian-born conductor Zubin Mehta ,  who has been closely associated with the Israel Phiilharmonic for decades and is its  music director for life , and  Argentinian-born pianist  and conductor Daniel Barenboim , a regular guest conductor , have come to grief trying to perform  Wagner
at concerts in Israel  with the orchestra because of the public outcry .

   Many  people  read Nazism  into  Wagner's magnum opus , the monumental  four  opera cycle  "The Ring Of The Nibelungen "  , which is based on Norse and Germanic mythology , and which features
the Germanic gods, goddesses , evil dwarfs who dwell inside the earth , water nixies, giants, Valkyries
and superheroes .  Plus a magic sword, and a  helmet which enables one to become invisible or change into  other shapes .

   But they fail to realize that far from glorifying  these gods and superheroes  and showing their triumph over  the Jews, the Ring  shows how Wotan , chief of the gods , and  the others characters are destroyed by  lust for power and riches .  The Ring is a story of all against all , and  how  the struggle to win the magic ring made of the gold of the Rhine which  confers  absolute power on its owner  destroys the gods and the other characters .  It ends with the so-called "Twilight Of The Gods". or Gotterdammerung .  It seems that Hitler never realized that Wagner's Ring Of The Nibelungen predicted his own  catastrophic downfall .



Posted: Nov 22 2011, 06:27 PM by the horn | with no comments
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