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Do We Really Need Beethoven Awareness Month ?

   New York's WQXR , America's foremost classical music station , has officially declared November to be
"Beethoven Awareness Month ".  On Facebook recently, a composer I'm a friend with there expressed his
disapproval , because according to him , Beethoven is overexposed , great as he is . 

   Possibly . I can understand his reaction . Beethoven's music has been popular wherever classical music is performed for 200 years or so .  He is a world cultural icon , and for a good reason , because he wrote some of the greatest music ever written , and his stirring and impassioned music still speaks to us today nearly 200 years after his death in 1827 .

   Orchestras all over Europe, America and elsewhere play his immortal symphonies , and concertos every season ; great pianists have  tackled his sonatas and piano concertos for generations , and his lone violin concerto is part of the core repertoire of all  great violinists . His 16 string quartets are one of the most important parts of the repertoire of all string quartets , and  his lone opera Fidelio has been in the repertoire of
all the world's great opera companies from the beginning . 

  Virtually all the greatest conductors have recording his nine great symphonies , some multiple times .
The list is a who's who of conductors ,living and dead : Furtwanlger , Toscanini, Bruno Walter, Stokowski ,
Karajan , Willem Mengelberg , Felix Weingartner , Bernstein , Eugen Jochum , Otto Klemperer, Carlos and Erich Kleiber,Solti,
Fritz Reiner , George Szell , and among the living , Daniel Barenboim , Bernard Haitink , Riccardo Muti,
Claudio Abbado, Christoph von Dohnanyi, Sir Colin Davis , Lorin Maazel and others .
Herbert von Karajan recorded all nine no fewer than four times over four decades !  Many of these recordings are still available .

   Yes, you might say that Beethoven's music is somewhat over-exposed .  There are so many other fine but not not nearly as famous composers who deserve to be heard .
For example , Albert Roussel, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Franz Schmidt,  Carl Nielsen , Hans Pfitzner,
Franz Schreker , Arnold Bax, Wilhelm Stenhammar , Frank Martin , Nikolai Myaskovsky,
Sergei Taneyev, Karl Szymanowski , Alberic Magnard , Franz Berwald , Bohuslav Martinu ,
Nikolai Medtner, to name only a handful .

   But when it comes to people who are  not fans of classical music , Beethoven awareness month is not a bad idea at all !   Countless people can recognize the famous melody of the "Ode  To Joy " from the 9th symphony , and can recognize the opening Da - da-da daaah  from the 5th symphony ,
but unfortunately , they've never heard the complete works   live or recorded , not to mention the other seven Beethoven symphonies and his numerous other works , which is a pity . They don't know what they're missing .

   You may remember the episode on the Simpsons when the famous architect  Frank Gehry ,who added his voice for the show ,designed a concert hall for Springfield .  When the Springfield symphony orchestra started to play
the 5th at the gala opening of the hall , most of the audience left immediately after the opening notes, because they thought there was nothing worth hearing after those notes !   They had them as their
ring tones .  And after that , the concert hall was unable to sell enough concerts in Springfield to stay alive , so the odious Mr. Burns bought it and turned it into a private for profit prison !

   This episode may be a rather exaggerated description of American Philistinism , but it makes a good point .  If only more people could get familiar with the music of Beethoven , not to mention  other greats such as Mozart , Chopin , Schumann , Tchaikovsky , Brahms ,Bach and others .  Dream on .
Posted: Nov 17 2011, 06:30 PM by the horn | with no comments
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