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Let's Face it - Classical Music Is Good For America !

  I've been having an interesting argument with some conservatives at a political forum recently about whether the government should support the arts or not,particularly classical music. Naturally, these guys are adamantly opposed to this. They keep trotting out the same old conservatives reasons for opposing this.  For example, they  don't want the government taking their hard-earned money away to "give musicians jobs".  Supposedly, if the classical musicians can't make it on their own, the government has no business bailing them out.

   But they are completely missing the point. It's not good for people in ANY field to be losing their jobs,period. Why shouldn't the government help people to keep their jobs,whatever the field ?  I asked, how would THEY like it if they lost their jobs, and an enormous number of people in THEIR field also, and other people said that "They don't give a damn?"
Which is exactly what they said when I pointed out that many orchestras and opera companies America are having a very rough time, and more than a few have already gone under. 
   I also explained that if  certain orchestras and opera companies here have gone under,it's not the musician's fault ,and that this is NOT the result of a lack of an audience , but due to the fact that it costs a lot of money to run these organizations .  But did they understand what I was trying to say ? No way, Jose.  My explanations fell on deaf ears. 
It was like arguing with a wall . 

   But let's face it ;  the arts are GOOD for America .  They create many,many jobs, or at least can potentially do this . But not if  there is little or no help for them, either from the government or the private sector.  If our symphony orchestras and opera companies flourish , they help the American economy as a whole to flourish. 
They stimulate business and industry .  The two , classical music and business, create a synergy , and both
flourish . 

   But do conservatives in America, whether politicians, private citizens or commentators get this ?  Are you kidding ?  They still want to abolish the National Endowment For The Arts, because it supposedly takes an enormous amount of money from honest, hard-working Americans to support  "obscene art ".

   This is absolute poppycock. That "enormous amount of money" comes out to taking LESS THAN A DOLLAR per year from each taxpayer in America.  This is not even chicken feed !   And the purpose of the NEA is to support all kinds of artistic endeavors, including  drama,dance, and classical music and more. .  The federal budget for U.S. military bands is larger than the pittance the NEA gets. 

   Of course, many people say that it's the job of private philanthropies to support the arts in America.  If only this were the case !  There is some, but nowhere near enough .  So the next time you hear some Republican politician in Washington complaining about government support for the arts , why not contact him or her and point out how beneficial the arts are for America, including Classical Music .
Posted: Sep 26 2011, 04:17 PM by the horn | with no comments
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