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How To Respond To People Who Knock Classical Music

 It's not uncommon for people to knock classical music , dismissing it as irrelevant stuff of no value to any one , and something which is "pretentious, stuffy , boring and elitist ".  It's perfectly acceptable to do this in society today, but if any one who loves classical music disparages Pop music, or Rock etc, it's a No No and that person is roundly condemned as a "snob" and "elitist"

 So if you've discovered the joys of classical music and have been listening to it regularly , how do you respond to people who disparage classical music ?  Here are some tips for coming to its defense . 1. Say, "Don't knock it if you haven't tried it ".  Yes, many people who know next to nothing about this kind of music and have been brainwashed by myths about it being "elitist" call it this.

2. Ask "Why do so many people all over the world go to concerts and opera all the time ,listen to classical CDs, watch classical DVDs and visit classical websites every day if they thought it was boring ?"   3. Explain that the term "elitist " implies that symphony orchestras and opera companies are trying to exclude people who are not rich and snooty, and that orchestras and opera companies very much want to attract more people to their performances, and have public realtions and community outreach workers who work for them .

4.  Explain that when audiences hear a really exciting performance , they respond with enormous enthisiam ,cheers, bravos and  noise .  Bored people don't do this .  They're as excited as sports fans when their team wins ! 

5. Explain that classical music has existed for centuries .  Boring, worthless music does not last this long .  The music of Bach, Beethoven,Mozart and other great composers has stood the test of time and still speaks to people all over the world . 

6. When people say "Oh classical music - it's just music by "Dead White European Males ". How can any one in this modern day and age be interested in dated garbage like that ? "  Say that classical music is a continuum of music by ocmposers living and dead going back centuries, and that there are and have been many women composers , as well as ones from America , Latin America , China,Japan, South Korea a nd other countries , and there are also African-American composers living and dead whose music has been performed .

7. "Opera - it's so ridiculous. Just a bunch of fat people in ridiculous pseudo Viking costumes screaming at each other in an incomprehensible foreign language in front of bored wealthy people who are just there to show off their jewelry and clothes and to see and be seen . " Tell them that this is just a caricature of opera. There are many good looking and believable opera singers today who ca really act . Operas are set in countries all over the world and  hostorical periods, as well as the present day.  Opera singers wear all kinds of costumes, not just "ridiculous pseudo Viking " ones".

   Try these answers the next time you meet some one who knocks classical music . With luck ,you might convince him or her how wrong  they are .

Posted: Sep 12 2011, 06:17 PM by the horn | with no comments
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