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Hope Springs Eternal With A New Classical Music Season About To Start

  In just a  few weeks, America's hundreds of symphony orchestras, opera companies and other classical
performing groups will be starting the new season .  Despite the many difficulties they face , and the unfortunate
groups which have gone under recently , the vast majority of these ensembles are alive and kicking ,and  the many lovers of classical music in America are eager to get back to attending their performances .

  Many were also fortunate enough to attend  the many Summer music festivals which are so well-established in America .  So despite the difficult economic times which threaten the existence of classical music in America
and all the hand-wringing ,let's be grateful for  the many world-class opera companies and orchestras we still have , and the countless  talented, dedicated and hard-working classical musicians who make the world a better place in which to live .

   Classical music is one of mankind's greatest inventions and  has given untold amounts of joy and inspiration to countless people all over the world for centuries. .  It is not a frivolous entertainment for the wealthy , but  and important part of world culture and  something which makes life more than just a daily grind to earn a living .
All of us who love this great art form must never give up hope for it. 
Posted: Aug 11 2011, 06:36 PM by the horn | with no comments
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