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The New York City Opera Announces Plans To Move Out Of Lincoln Center

  According to the New York Times , the financially troubled New York City Opera has announced  that it plans to move out of  its home ,the David H. Koch theater in Lincoln Center, formerly the New York State theater  some time in the near future.

   The company has also announced that it will  have a season  beginning  this fall , but  repertoire has yet to be announced , and apparently the season will  also be as  short as the just concluded one ,  which featured only five  productions.   The costs of  its  residence at Lincoln Center have proved  too burdensome , so  the company ,under its  enterpising and ambitious general manager George Steel  will be looking for another  residence . 

   A number of different venues  are being considered  around  the city ,including  its previous home  before  the move to Lincoln Center  in the 1960s , the City Center .  But this leaves the Koch theater  and Lincoln Center  as a whole in a quandary .  The famed New York City ballet shares  the theater with  the opera company ,  but  at different times.  Who or what will occupy the recently renovated  Koch theater  for the rest of the year ?   Having  the theater dark for  long periods of time would be very  bad for Lincoln Center as a whole  financially.

   The Times  states that the company very much enjoys  performing  in Lincoln Center , but  the costs have become prohibitive .  Which is doubly unfortunate , considering that the recent renovations have by all reports  made a considerable improvement in the  theater's notoriously  poor acoustics , which were designed to muffle the sound  of  the feet  of ballet dancers .   Those renovations required  the NYC opera to miss an entire season , which was financially  disastrous .

   Could the Koch theater becme a venue for  visiting opera companies from  America and Euerope , for example ?  This would be extremely difficult financially , but  the tours might be very beneficial  for a variety of different opera companies , or perhaps other theatrical  and dance organizations .  As well as for opera and dance  in Lincoln Center  and the New York  City economy .

   Or could another opera house be built  somewhere  in the city ?  It won't be an easy task
  to adapt  other venues to  an opera company ,which has  very specific needs in terms of
  the kind of stage and backstage facilities needed, as well as the technology needed to
  put on  elaborate opera productions.  The Metropolitan  opera ,next door to the Koch theater in Lincoln Center , has  phenomenal , state of the art  technology  and backstage
 facilities, for example .

   Let's hope for the best for the beleaguered NYC opera .  The new plans  could be either
   a  great opportunity for the  company or  could spell disaster for it  and  cause its  end . 
Posted: May 24 2011, 05:35 PM by the horn | with no comments
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