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You Tube Is A Great Place To Experience Classical Music

  Most people think of You Tube as a way to  see and hear Lady Gaga ,  Britney Spears and other Pop idols , but it's also a  wonderful place for classical music .  If you go there , you can  see an enormous number of different performances of  virtually any classical work , and  see and hear  performances by just about any  of the  greatest muscicians of the 20th century and  the new one for free .

   You can also see interviews with many of  these great musicians ,living and dead , and  documentaries .  You name 'em,  they're there on You Tube .  Leonard Bernstein ,  Jascha Heifetz,  Vladimir Horowitz ,Luciano Pavarotti ,  Leopold Stokowski ,Maria Callas ,  Joan
Sutherland ,  Artur Rubinstein , all  caught in live performances , and sometimes on  studio recordings . 

   Many longer works ,such as symphonies and operas  are available  in excerpt form .  You can see great opera singers  performing  individual arias  from  a wide variety of different operas ,  and single movements from symphonies and concertos .  The numerous interviews and documentaries  enable you to  hear the  opinions and ideas of so many great classical musicians ;  many are and were very interesting people . 

  For example , there is a  documentary about the late ,great conductor Carlos Kleiber  , with  comments by many great  opera singers who worked with him ,  and comments by  famous conductors who knew him ; it's quite fascinating .  Most of the  documentaries and interviews  have  English subtitles if  they're in foreign languages .  

   What are you waiting for ?   You Tube is now essential for any one who enjoys classical music .  

Posted: Apr 25 2011, 09:01 AM by the horn | with no comments
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