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The Republican Party Must Not Be Allowed To Jeopardize The Arts In America

  The Republican party is out to defund NPR , PBS and the National Endowment For The Arts
  based on the questionable premise that they waste government funds and are forms of left-wing propaganda.
  Waste government funds?  Our government wastes more money   in one day on the futile and disastrous Iraq war than  it "wastes" on funding these organization in a year. As well as other questionable expenses of many kinds.

  How much money would defunding these organizations save ?  The amount would be miniscule.
  And the effects on the arts in general, and especially classical music, would be catastrophic.
  Talk about destroying jobs !  More than five million Americans earn their living in the arts some way, whether as musicians,dancers,actors, artists and other professions, as well as in arts administration and other professions which have something to do with the arts in some way. Is this good for America ? Are you kidding ?

   We cannot allow misguided  and  foolish politicians in Washington to jeopardize the arts in America .  Classical music will most likely be the most seriously effected by the Republican's perverse plans.  Our orchestras and opera companies are already reeling from current economic problems , and  things can only get far worse if the Republicans get their way .

  Don't these people realize that the arts are vital to a nation ?  They are not just a frivolous entertainment for people who can afford them .  They are very beneficial to the economy and improve the quality of life for millions of people .  If our opera companies, symphony orchestras , dance and drama companies etc flourish they help the economy to flourish,too.  They are very important in creating jobs for so many people,not just performers.

  Many conservatives say that the job of supporting the arts is something for the private sector alone,and not the government .  If the private sector provided enough help for our orchestras and opera companies to flourish it would be wonderful . But that isn't happening.
   Private funding HAS  helped to support classical music in America over the years, but current support is woefully inadequate and has been decreasing steadily .

  So please, contact your senators, congressmen, governors etc and tell them how important support for the arts in America is . 
Posted: Feb 16 2011, 06:04 PM by the horn | with no comments
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