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My Classical Wish List For 2011

 It's almost 2011 ,and it's been an eventful year for classical music worldwide, with the good and the bad pretty much evenly mixed .  We've seen the demise of the Honolulu symphony, a protracted strike by the Detroit symphony which could threaten the orchestra's existence , the health proilems of James Levine, Riccardo Muti ,Seiji Ozawa and other eminent conductors,canceled performances by them , finjancial troubles dogging so many orchestras and opera companies , the passing of such classical giants as Joan Sutherland,Sir Charles Mackerras ,Shirley Verrett and others , as well as the emergence of many pehenomenal young musical talents.

  Many orchestras are reluctant to play new music and interesting rarities for fear of alienating conservative concertgoers, but others have done this despite the risks,such as the New York Philharmonic. The Metropolitan opera's live HD movie broadcasts continue to draw enthusiastic audiences all over America and even Europe.

  These are difficult times for the classical recording industry, but all the world's numerous classical record labels collectively offer incredible diversity of repertoire ranging from medieval and renaissance music to recent works by living composers ,and more and more live performances of operas and concerts are available on DVD.

  So here's a list of my wishes for classical music in the next year :

   I hope that more and more people in America and elsewhere, of whatever age or ethnicity,will discover the joys of listening to classical music , whether orchestral music,operas, chamber music etc,and will decide to make classical music a part of their lives.

  I hope that our orchestras and opera companies etc will find new sources of financial support to keep them alive and kicking , and that they will attract more and more people as regular or at east sometimes concert and operagoers. And that more and more of our great orchestras will return to making CD recordings, either with the top classical labels or by issuing their own performances on CD,as some already have,and that sales of classical CDs and DVDs will increase.

  I hope that current efforets in America to offer something comparable to Venuzuela's miraculous El Sistema will succeed and more and more American youngsters will benefit from learning musical instruments and playing in youth orchestras and concert bands .

 I wish maestros James Levine,Seiji Ozawa and Riccardo Muti etc good health and the stamina to remain active on the podium .

  I hope that classical music will get more and more publicity in the media,and that this will cause more and more people everywhere to become interested in it. 

  And I wish every one at and every one who reads my blog a happy new year filled with the enjoyment of classical music .

Posted: Dec 31 2010, 09:24 AM by the horn | with no comments
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