Linking the iPad With Education

Published 18 April 10 02:54 PM | RebeccaL
Today's technology is being used more and more in the classroom and to aid students in learning. Computer technology, various websites, Wii's and whiteboards are among some of the more common we hear about. Now, a recent article on states that applications for Apple's new iPad include programs to help with science, math, languages, and research. With more than 150,000 application downloads at costs of $2 to more than $15 the iPad is sure to have something for students of all ages.

The educational applications include ones that can help teach periodic table learning in a different form than the one we are used to, as well as language learning apps. The recently released app from offers access to the site’s entire Spanish course and allows access to social networking sites where students can chat with native speakers of the language they are studying. Some company's programs are available for free such as“USA Factbook" which describes the 50 and “States & Capitals" designed for students prepping for a geography quiz or exam.

Some children just learn better through technology. As the world of technology and education continue to integrate, these tools are good to keep in mind as additional supports for kids who have trouble learning the traditional way.

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