New DSM-5 to Remove Diagnoses of Asperger's

Published 16 February 10 05:30 PM | RebeccaL
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders known as DSM will launch a revised 5th edition or the DSM-5 in May 2013.  This new manual will remove the diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome as it's own disorder and place it under the Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

The reasoning behind this change is that Asperger's is already part of the Autism Spectrum but those with it are higher functioning and often do not have language deficits, but rather social difficulties are the main issue.  The news release by the American Psychiatric Association said this about the change:

   “The recommendation of a new category of autism spectrum disorders reflects recognition by the 

     work group that the symptoms of these disorders represent a continuum from mild to severe, 

      rather than being distinct disorders,”  

This change will supposedly make it easier for  school districts to give services and parents to get services for their child because the children will be classified as Autistic and therefore qualify to receive services more easily rather than having to decide which category/ diagnoses the child falls. Some states do not give Special Education services to children with Asperger's because they often have average to high IQ's and adequate language skills. This new criteria will make it more children eligible to receive services through Special Education.

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