Wow, Dryer Sheets Have Meaning!

Published Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:48 AM

Doing laundry is not exactly my favorite pastime, but it has to be done. With modern technology, the only work involved is adding and removing clothes from the washer / dryer, with a little folding or hanging at the end and yet I find ways to complain about it. I am thankful that electric washers and dryers came along, long before I had to start doing laundry and that I am fortunate enough to have it in my home, rather than the weekly visit to the laundrymat.

Anyway, I was removing our clothes from the dryer and it came to me that a long time ago, I received an email that had some really neat tips on how to use the dryer sheets in many helpful ways around the house, car, etc. I couldn't find the old email, but I did find a lot of neat tips online and I hope others can benefit from them.

 For those who like to use dryer sheets to "soften" their clothes, here are some great internet tips on how to use those sheets for more than just laundry:

-Keep them in shoes to "freshen" them up;

-If you have baked on food after cooking, put a new dryer sheet in the bottom of the pot or pan and add lukewarm water. Let it soak and it will be easier to clean;

-Remove pet hair;

-Dust the blinds;

-Wipe static from computers and TV screens;

-Tuck some into your clothing or rub clothing all over with dryer sheet to repel bugs;

-Place in a hotel A/C vent for a "fresh" smelling hotel room;

-Store in luggage to keep clothes fresh;

-Store in dresser drawers;

-Use to wipe away insect residue while washing your car;

-Moms can keep them in the diaper bag to keep it smelling fresh:

-Store some under your car seats / floor mats and in your trunk;

-Store in office "hiding" places to keep your office area fresh

-Remove gunk from bottom of the iron;

-Rub on clothes to remove static cling;

-Sprinkle a little water on one and use to clean soap buildup on glass shower doors

by parker
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