Is It Worth It To "Coupon"?

Published Friday, November 11, 2011 11:02 AM

I do enjoy watching TLC at times and there seems to be this new craze out called "EXTREME COUPONING". Now, I hope I'm not the last mom left on earth to catch on to this concept, but I watch this show and I see a common thread - all of the extreme couponers I've seen have dedicated their garage or at least a closet in their home to non-perishable items! They have enough deodorant, toothpaste, softener, body wash, paper towels, etc. to take care of their entire block. Why so much stuff? Can I apply it to what I need for this week? Hence, my quest into finding out how to do couponing without being "extreme", meaning, I want to fill my pantry & toiletry closets, not my garage & spare room. I would love to get toothpaste, detergent and the like for free, but I don't need an entire shopping cart of toothpaste. The price of cereal is ridiculous these days, I would love to stock up on a few boxes for free, but I don't want to ask my local grocery store to have a palate of 1,000 boxes ready for me when I get there. I do want to save as much as possible on my grocery bill and have items on stock before we run out, but I don't want to go grocery shopping with a binder!

So, I have found a few different websites, by moms and for moms, that seem to be a little bit more my style. I was so relieved to find out that I won't need to buy 20 copies of the Sunday newspaper, just for the inserts. I don't need to ask my friends, family & neighbors to set aside their inserts in addition to my 20 newspapers and I definitely WON'T go "dumpster diving" for coupons, ever! (Yes, one episode did feature a mom doing that and she had help!!!)

Just using the right combination of coupons (grocery store & manufacturer) with store sales (discounts or even BUY ONE GET ONE FREE) can help me save a lot of money on groceries for my family. So yes, it is still well worth it to coupon, and I don't have to get "extreme" with it.

by parker
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