Wow! Free BlackBerry Apps Until December 31st

Published Tuesday, October 18, 2011 11:23 AM

As a BlackBerry user, I must say that I was quite disturbed by the lack of service during an outage they had last week. Today, I am a much happier customer. Research In Motion has announced that beginning on October 19th, they will be offering select premium apps free of charge until December 31st. This is great news. Not all of the selected apps will be available on the 19th, they will be made available over time.

They have released a partial list, with more to come in the near future, so keep checking their website for an updated list. Details about Technical Support for the apps are included on their page as well. 

Here are some apps that are already currently free in their app store that I either use or plan to install:

-TuneIn Radio - access to over 50,000 radio stations, including local radio (be careful with this one. Data rates apply while streaming.)

-Cozi - I did a blog post on this website, BlackBerry offers the app;

-Weather Channel - local and national weather; current and forecasts;

-Hangman - great game for the kids to play when you're waiting in doctor's offices, at restaurants, etc. Helps my youngest with her spelling too!;

-Yahoo Messenger / BlackBerry Messenger - other instant messaging apps available as well. Great for people on the go who don't want to wait on emails and don't use the texting feature;

-Evernote -  I haven't begun to use this app yet, but I did get it to clean up the handwritten notes in my life;

-Lister - Great little "to do" list app. Can see using this one for many different tasks that need to get done throughout the week. Again, cleans up the handwritten notes in my life.

I plan to go through the premium apps that they will make available later this month to see what other handy apps they are making available.

by parker
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