Getting Rid of Ants In Your Home - Naturally

Published Thursday, October 13, 2011 10:01 AM

I was reading an interesting article on Yahoo! this morning about using home made / old fashioned solutions to take care of common household problems. In many instances, they offer ways to take care of common problems with natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. When you have a family, this type of information really gets your attention.

One of the problems that the article addresses is ants in the home. Often ants find a way into your home when it rains. If you only treat areas where you see them, you know all too well that they will find another area to enter your home and pose a pesky problem there.

We often use an outdoor treatment around our home to keep them from coming in, but this year they have found their way around that. Unfortunately, we had to use our chemical in the home, which we don't like to do. 

Next time, I'm looking forward to trying what the article suggests: GRITS! Yes, feed them grits and they are supposed to expand in the ants stomach and eliminate them. This suggestion is assuming that they have a significant presence in your home. If you find the scouts in the early stages, here are other suggestions I've found from various forums and websites:


Spray with soapy water or Windex (kills the "scout" ant & masks the trail left for others so that they won't follow later).

You can also use vinegar and water. This can be used to get the ants already inside AND to form a barrier so they won't want to come in from outside.


The following have been said to be useful for this: cinnamon, vaseline, chalk

My Disclaimer:

Again, these seem to be the most commonly agreed upon solutions on different forums and websites. Try at your own risk. I'm not to be held responsible if you end up with more ants!!!

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