She Was Fed Up With School Lunch!

Published Friday, October 7, 2011 11:42 AM

In recent news, a teacher in the Chicago area, Sarah Wu,  came forward to be the anonymous "Mrs. Q". "Mrs. Q" was known for blogging about the lunches provided by her school. She would apparently take a picture of the food and then post it on her blog with descriptions that made parents cringe! 

She says that she started the blog because she forgot her own lunch one day and had to eat school lunch. Even though she worked at the school, it wasn't until she actually picked up her meal that she realized something just wasn't right. Although I'm not sure of what the exact contents of that particular meal were, she does reveal things like fried chicken nuggets made from only 50% chicken; hot dogs are often served; "rib-b-que", and pizza that doesn't look like, well, pizza!

She mentioned that the school food is processed for the most part and most meals are full of sugar, salt and starch. She found that in her school, a large percentage of the children are on the free lunch program that is offered to families who don't have the means to buy their children lunch. This means that lunch is potentially the best meal of the day that these children will receive. A disturbing 20% of children are obese and she feels it is highly probable that school lunch is a factor. Schools are probably choosing these meals due to the fact that the children don't tend to eat the fruits and veggies, they tend to like the processed foods more. They are heating up frozen food for the children to eat and the children tend to throw away anything on their tray of nutritional value, like the fruits and veggies that are provided.

Sarah says she wrote her blog day after day for a whole year. When she was asked about some of the worst food she had during the year, she mentioned "some sort of peanut butter and jelly thing" that was processed, packaged and served to the students. It made her sick.

Sarah's blog and book, "Fed Up With Lunch" are getting a lot of exposure in the media this week. You can go to her blog to see pictures of meals that she was served during the course of the year.

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